First students to graduate from B. Startup School Amsterdam

The first batch of students of the B. Startup School Amsterdam (BSSA) will be graduating at the end of this month. To mark this moment a group of Hyper Island experience design students will showcase their graduation projects on the 30th of March in the B. Amsterdam building. Expect some refreshing, game-changing ideas. Hyper Island is known for innovative thinking and ground breaking teaching methods. 

B. Startup School Amsterdam

B. Startup School Amsterdam offers young and yet unemployed people an opportunity to take control over their own professional future. During a three-month training, students learn the essential skills they need to start working for a startup, or even start their own business. Skills like coding, design and growth hacking are taught by renowned training institutions like Hyper Island, New York Code Academy, Le Wagon, The App Academy, The Talent Institute and De Upstarter. In this way BSSA tries to tackle the problem of youth unemployment in Amsterdam while at the same time providing startups with the skilled people they are in need of. 


The experience design students of Hyper Island, which has been dubbed the digital Harvard, will be presenting their graduation projects to industry leaders in a showcase on the 30th of March. This is their opportunity to present the game-changing ideas they came up with during the course. Experience design means creating relevant interactions based on user empathy which are of value to the user of a product or service. The students worked closely with industry leaders and received real-world briefs from companies like Adidas, Spotify, and Greenpeace to understand the entire experience design process. For their final projects they were free to choose or make their own brief and work on a project they are passionate about. 

Hyper Island

Hyper Island is a Swedish digital learning institute which first opened its doors in 1996 in a former military prison in Karlskrona. There, in the unorthodox educational setting students practice experience-based learning and are challenged to solve real-world problems in a collaborative environment. Rather than abiding to the traditional lecture methodology, Hyper Island is using innovative methods to educate their students. With offices in Sweden, UK, US, Singapore, and now also Amsterdam, Hyper Island’s growing global presence stems from these unique students and executive program which are aimed at preparing individuals for the fast-paced digital landscape. 


// Wednesday, March 30 2016 from 18:00h to 23:00h

// B. Amsterdam - 763A Johan Huizingalaan, 1066 VH Amsterdam, Netherlands