B. Amsterdam opens its third location

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B. Amsterdam recently opened the doors of its third location. Covering 12,000m2, B.3 is located in the former Mexx headquarters on the A4 motorway. With a 40,000 m2 campus and three buildings, B. Amsterdam is the largest start-up ecosystem in Europe today.

Like the other B. locations, the primary focus is on accelerating the pace of innovation and growth of start-ups and corporates. What is unique about B.3 is that it will become the physical center for corporate innovators in the Netherlands, granting organizations such as PWC and IBM access to new talent for the development of innovative solutions. PostNL, a company that attaches paramount importance to innovation, has also opted for an innovation studio at B. Amsterdam: "we have established an innovation studio with a view to accelerating growth and innovation. This will allow us to come into contact with new developments in technology, start-ups, and international innovative companies. The value of new ideas is quickly assessed here, and these are subsequently further developed in small-scale ‘living lab' trials," says Eric van Westbroek, Director of the PostNL Innovation Studio.

According to Guus Meulendijks, co-founder of B. Amsterdam, "the power of the B. concept lies in its scale, tight focus on furthering innovation, and boundless ambition. The concept focuses on expanding the relevant network, both within the B. ecosystem and beyond, to the greatest extent possible. In the end, it's all about the impact."

With an estimated half million visitors for next year, the opening of B.3 and its first location in New York next autumn, this impact is continually growing and becoming more international in scope.

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